The objective is to create a platform on which teachers and users looking for training can meet.

Each user can share their knowledge about an area by posting a course publicly, and each user can purchase the offered course to attend.


Idea, design and realization: Bitarrays

Client: Lotfi MOSTEFAOUI


a mordern website

Elements arranged to make the use as easy as possible without neglecting the visual of the site. It was a design challenge that is quite successful today.

As the site will be visited by users on a computer as well as on a phone or tablet, we had to think of modular elements so that the use on any platform is pleasant. All the elements are therefore easily accessible and sized to function properly.


Admin panel

The site is a platform to connect, so you need an administration panel to manage potential conflicts and the courses offered.

On this panel, administrators can thus manage the different categories offered to teachers, the courses posted, obtain statistics on the number of views as well as the turnover. But also a whole part concerning the payments, the reservations and the courses which will take place.

A challenge

There was no question of using ready-made solutions here, the site was created from a completely empty base. From the design of the pages, to the adminstration panel and the management of transactions, everything has been thought through and adapted to this project to be as flexible and mobile as possible in future improvements.