In a team of 6, we have put together a presentation, like a startup, of an innovative project.

Our idea is to use the blockchain to authenticate certificates and avoid counterfeiting and resale scams between individuals.

The blockchain, by its tamper-proof property, is a modern and very secure means of guaranteeing the authenticity of a product, particularly with the development of NFTs.


Idea, design and realization: Bitarrays

Client: EPITA

Safewear app

the project

Faced with the explosive counterfeit market, we offer an efficient and robust solution: the use of blockchain to track down clothes. Thanks to a chip integrated into the models, the items recorded in a blockchain upon purchase, to allow the item to be identified as original. In transactions from individuals to individuals, the buyer can scan the chip and ensure the authenticity of the product. The designer of the product will also know that a new owner has the item. The blockchain is then updated and the product traceable since its purchase.


an application to control everything

To inform you of the origin of the product, date, place and price of the initial purchase or between individuals. Users and creators alike, find out how many people have owned and scanned a product, with a simple scan. As a creator, receive information on the total number of products sold, emails from used buyers and resale prices.